Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

"He looks like he could use some bunny lovin'..."

oh where, oh where has my bunny gone?
oh where, oh where could she be?
with her tail so short and her ears flopped down
oh where, oh where could she be?

*bunny smoochies*

I'm doing better today. We got cable installed, I went to the library, I ate chicken cordon bleu (it sounds so "County Fair" in English..."Blue Ribbon Chicken, hot dawgie! *whoop!*"), introduced my mother to the miracle of television programming that is "Trading Spaces" and vaccuumed the living room carpet. wOOt. have delivered dusting. go me.

Academy Awards tomorrow. Hope "Lilo and Stitch" wins. that'd be sweet.


Yes, Stitch, I know you agree. Just don't destroy that nice gold statue if you win it.

"okay, okay..."

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