Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

post-Oscar depression...well, not really.

Decent Oscars show for the following reasons
1. No Debbie Allen choreographed dance numbers, for yet another year running.
2. Michael Moore sticking to the man.
3. Nicholas Cage not winning. wOOt. maybe the man will take a hint and stop acting. Just because he's Coppola, doesn't mean he belings in show biz...I mean, look what Sophia did to Godfather, Part III...

Two other things worth noting.
1. Going to Chicago tomorrow to start taking crap out of my old least I get my computer and some games to play...
2. Mom, in her fundamentalist mind, equates Hollywood's (or some of Hollywood's) not supporting Bush's decision to go to war with being terrorists themselves. Mom's never really seen shades of gray. I suppose she still harbors memories of Jane Fonda and Viet Nam.

For the record, while I don't agree with the Bush's pushing us into what Michael Moore's website calls "Operation Oily Residue," I do support the troops over there. They've been sent away from their families, their homes, and told that they have to go kill people and blow a bunch of crap up, for various and sundry reasons. None of which, honestly, make a great deal of sense.

I wonder what Izzard would have to say about the current US foreign policy?

"What's that behind your back?"
"Oh, it's just Iraq. We're trying to annex it, set up a nice sunny courtyard between us and Afghanistan."
"Oh, just leave it're tracking sand all over the US. And look, you've mussed up all our towels playing war with your buddies! Shoo! Shoo!"
"I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for that Michael Moore fella...stupid tide of public opinion.

Suddenly Dubya's being lectured by God's Mother, aka Mrs. Badcrumble. "Ah, but I won't miss the best part of the day, Mother, because I have not yet created it!"

PS. two sites to visit... and

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