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note to Lisa, who obviously reads this: trying to push me into a breakdown so you can be right about your diagnosis that I should "seek counseling in a hospital setting" does not count as making a successful diagnosis in the first place. it's called cooking the data. may I further add that I hope to God you never get certified as a psychologist, as most patients, when confronted with your ineptitude, would undoubtedly kill themselves.

that is all.

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note to Christian, this is probably harrassment too.

Wow, I haven't seen you for awhile. Hiii.

probably, but the complaint they filed was that I used Dan's last name. That was the only thing the LJ abuse team asked me to remove. so I did. if they get pissy about this, they'll have to file a new complaint.

so "Neener" to the people trying to screw me up even further. it's not gonna work. *smooches!*

Protected entries are good for the soul.

oh, but if it's protected, I can't get any digs in against the psycho(logical)-girl, can I? :D

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