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I cannot do the Smurf...

I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I can still care about Dan and not like Lisa. The two aren't mutually exclusive. To quote "The Frug" (just for Kay)..."and I can hate your girl. I can tell you that she's real pretty." I don't like Lisa. And I truly think she's the mastermind behind all this crap. Why? Because Lisa's the conniving one. Dan really doesn't connive unless it's immediately required for his career. He does, however, go along with stuff in order to not make waves. Not to the level that Cheryl does, but still.

Oh, and to counter any further nastiness about what I write here, which is Constitutionally protected free speech, I'd like to state that all content in this journal is my opinion, and not a stated fact. It is my understanding that libel is something that purports itself to be a fact, when it is anything but, e.g. "Miniver Cheevy is a convicted goat seducer" although we all know full well Miniver Cheevy is allergic to cashmere. As this LiveJournal contains opinions and not facts, I do not believe its contents can be construed as libelous. And if you don't like what you read here, for God's sake go away! No one's holding a gun to your head and propping your eyes open with toothpicks, ya know!

And stay off of my begonias, you little imps!

*brandishes a cane, shaking it with impotent rage*

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