Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

and in today's news...

I'm sick. I know it pales in comparison to the rescue of the POWs, but it's news to me. I seem to have the plague. Or the flu. Or I'm in LA, in a car, with Englebert Humperdinck. Anyway, my sore throat from yesterday has migrated down and become chest congestion. So in addition to the two 75 mg happy pills I take a day, here's a brief laundry list of what other substances were put in to my body and things I've done today in an attempt to stave off further illness.

about 5 glasses of juice, 3 of raspberry lemonade and 2 of Pine-Orange Strawberry
1 multivitamin (technically formulated for people age 50+, but as it was the only type of multivitamin in the house, I made do with that)
1 Claritin-D this morning to try to get my nose cleared out. (didn't really work that well)
2 2tsp. doses of generic Robitussin
1 ibuprofen tablet for achy head and joints
2 Breathe Right strips (not taken orally) used over the course of the day to keep my nose open.
2 vigorous tooth and tongue brushings
1 gargling with high-alcohol content mouthwash
2/3 of a Pepperoni Deluxe pizza (hey, it's got garlic, and the tomatoes have vitamin C! and I was hungry)

I'm off to bed now, so I can get up at 7 and attempt to make it in to work. I plan to go unless I can't move. Tis better to go and have to leave early with visible suffering than not to come in at all, I say.

So now, with smoochies to my bunny, I'm off to Slumber Land.

*wonders if he should pop a nyquil liquigel to ease him off to sleep*
*goes to get the nyquil and places a call to the boogie woogie sheep*
*dances himself to sleep, wearin' his jammies*
*dances himself to sleep, and thanks the lambies*
*falls over, zonked from nyquil and dancing*
*begins to snore loudly, even with a BreatheRight strip on his nose*

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