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a must read book...

If you admire and advocate indepentent thought as much as I do, then by all means read The Culture of Fear by Barry Glassner. It covers why Americans are afraid of so many things that they really have no reason to fear, and in particular, singles out the "fear mongers" that can and should be held responsible for provoking hysteria. Among the myths that Glassner effectively debunks:

Road Rage
Epidemic Child Kidnappings
Flesh Eating Bacteria Epidemics
Dangers of Commercial Flights
The Battle of Political Correctness
Why White America fears the Black Man

Basically, this book helps you cut through all the bullshit that you've always been skeptical about but have never found any objective source for refuting. It lays the responsibility not only at the feet of the media and those who would profit from misinforming the public, but also at our feet, for having the gullibility and lacking the trust in our common sense that tells us to utterly reject these absurd claims and exaggerations. It tells us to not look for patterns in random incidents, and to stop letting intelligence take a back seat to convenience and a minimal disruption to the status quo.

I say ya gotta rock the boat sometimes, because the one we're in now is dangerously unseaworthy, and the only way we're gonna get to ride in a better one is if we prove there's something wrong with this current dinghy that's springing leaks left right and center.

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