Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

shamelessly stolen from adcott, right down to the introductory sentence...

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Googlism meme? you type in your name and it gives you a long list of phrases that show what Google thinks of you. I've removed a few that are incomplete sentences, but all the rest are there...

Googlism for: tiki

tiki is a fisting slut
tiki is not your friend
tiki is easy to customize and extend
tiki is a bengal cat
tiki is a 13 year old female lhasa apso
tiki is made out of water resistant nylon
tiki is the largest and the strongest of the neon tiki tribe
tiki is a good product for body moisturizing and is recommended
tiki is hand
tiki is attached to gold colored chain
tiki is flanked by two palm trees with a volcano and a sunset in the background
tiki is about 40 inches high
tiki is the polynesian word for 1st image
tiki is a love
tiki is available for immediate shipment from our inventory
tiki is trying to always provide you with compelling reasons to come back and visit our site again
tiki is a conference center that seats 110
tiki is an ancient island god
tiki is martin denny for the millennium
tiki is a fascinating film record of a marvelous adventure
tiki is a more recent one as wax was added to the eyes of older tiki
tiki is a great showcase of modern tiki paintings
tiki is the main attraction
tiki is lurking in the aku aku
tiki is back and is alive
tiki is much more than a fad
tiki is told by dean armstrong that the wesley school has old fashioned views on punishment
tiki is like the remarkable success story of the undersized balsa raft; shorter than most traditional tandems
tiki is really about tiki bars serving up flaming cocktails
tiki is not exactly the penultimate example of a tiki bar
tiki is one of the wikiengines
tiki is the record of an astonishing adventure
tiki is an 11 year old female lhasa apso
tiki is a fertility symbol
tiki is going to be one huge gal
tiki is wowing them over in honolulu
tiki is a copy of one of three remaining central temple
tiki is said to bless you with good fortune and winning ways
tiki is a great boat
tiki is the word for pygmy in the trade language of the northeastern belgian congo
tiki is gone
tiki is a player with a variety of skills and the v3 fits all of his needs
tiki is playing very well and was our team mvp last year
tiki is a service company in the ballooning world
tiki is omnipresent in this remote eastern polynesian archipelago
tiki is not exactly a recluse but he doesn't go out in public much
tiki is a robotic parrot
tiki is the bringer of goodwill and good fortune
tiki is one of six little fuzzbutts that live with me
tiki is developing a sense of curiosity that surpassed all my expectations for him
tiki is using his strengths to ensure that the children of new york understand the importance of literacy
tiki is technically an ancient island god
tiki is a leading arabian racehorse sire and member of the racing hall of fame
tiki is a loss to our society
tiki is one of the best known of all the maori artifacts
tiki is
tiki is very resistant to over the counter antibiotics
tiki is hiatt's trio of classics from the late 80's and his mid
tiki is called over by dallas who is sitting in an armless chair
tiki is an award for specially distinguished service
tiki is a 38' broward sport fish
tiki is a leader in domestic air
tiki is an ultra stable tandem sit
tiki is one of nz's worst emcees
tiki is famous for its private party facilities and catering
tiki is quite a clown
tiki is a term for carved wood amulets
tiki is located on the west galveston bay with easy access to galveston bay and the gulf of mexico
tiki is back
tiki is as old as man
tiki is deep
tiki is a great companion
tiki is sneaky
tiki is just about universal
tiki is an alien in a world of plastic and chrome
tiki is a polynesian amulet that is usually worn around the neck
tiki is doing what a denny
tiki is one of those old
tiki is a calm
tiki is super

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