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Goodbye Roseland

I was listening to music today at work, and I played this song from Styx' "Brave New World" album, and it struck me how much this song could sum up how I feel about Dan now. Roseland is an area of Chicago where a few of the guys from the band grew up, so in my mind, it's linked to Chicago itself. So here it is...I've changed a few lyrics, just so it doesn't sound quite so "gay" (I don't think of Dan like that, despite opinions to the contrary), but all rights are still held by Styx.

Goodbye Roseland
written by Dennis De Young

There was a time
When we were children
Blue skies would shine
And all was forgiven
And there were heroes to guide us
And we had family beside us
And there were dreams to believe in
Each and every day

And I was your friend
Father and brother
I came to depend
On you above others
And through the good times and bad times
We shared the bond of a lifetime
Oh what a shame and a damn crime
For it all to end

So goodbye to Roseland
How I wish I could stay
To live in the memory
Of your sweet sweet day
But every road that we travel, has an end
And so the time now has come to say
Farewell old friend

[bluesy-rocky organ and choir bit here]

Well goodbye to Roseland
How I want you to know
Just how much I miss you
So I got to let go
But all the love that you gave me will remain
And every tear that I've cried has not been shed in vain

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