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*insert Twilight Zone theme here*

ok, I'm a little freaked out. I was sitting in the recliner, reading (a Stephen King novel, appropriately) and all of a sudden this music box that's sitting on the shelf in the living room starts playing. The lid is closed. But it starts up playing "Fur Elise."

For some reason, I associate that music box with my grandmother, who died in 1992. I don't know why, since I don't think we got it for her, but still. Ah, it's because we bought it for my mom on the way up to visit grandma when I was a wee slip of a lad.

I'm trying to rationalize it, saying the music box is so old that the pin that is supposed to be pressed down when the lid is closed has sunk a bit, and so it just slipped and started the mechanism going, but why now? Especially appropriate are the thunderstorms moving into the area right now.

*looks about, waves to grandma's ghost if she's around*

I do believe in spooks, I do I do I do!

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