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The essence of the mind
Your mind has a fixed hold on that which is
everything you do, you analize, contemplate and
speculate on everything and anything. This is
not necessarily bad though, you have a natural
knowledge that is impecable, psychological
theories and uses come easy and naturaly to
you, tend not to rely on your emotions because
like any emotion they can be unreliable and
shifting. You tend to use knowledge over
compassion, this does not necessarily mean a
bad thing, but it does have a tendency to give
you the outward apperance of being uncaring and
cold. Try to feel with your heart, emotions
can be that which can make the world bright and

On this subject, I've decided that tonight I will start to write a book. Drawing from my very mixed philosophical, theological, and moral backgrounds and beliefs, it will be not so much a self-help book as a world-help book. I intend to title it "The Tuning Fork of Truth; or All I Need to Know About Life I Learned from Trying My Best to Be a Good Person" The title comes from a modification of a quote I love by David Gelernter, in which I substitute "truth" for "beauty" (seems rational, no?). "The sense of beauty is a tuning fork in the brain which resonates when it stumbles on something beautiful."

With a little luck, maybe I can shape the future a bit for the better of humanity, and get people to shift their mindsets a bit. More details to follow as the book gets written.

The scribbling will commence after I get home from work this evening. Since I'm on lunch now, I can't very well get cracking at this moment.

Let me know what y'all think.

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