Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

today's day o' interview fun...

not only did roolet have a couple of job interviews today, but I did too. Well, one at least. Here is that interview's story.

Those of you from Chicago might know about Maggiano's Little Italy, a chain of homestyle italian restaurants. Well, there's one coming to Milwaukee, and since I recognized the name in the paper, I decided to apply.

Problem is, it's a good way away from where I live. Mom decided to move out to the boonies, because the city was getting "too creepy" for her. Which means, I'm way the hell out near Shithouse Falls, Wisconsin (that's just east of Pigfuck, Wisconsin). And, even more fun, the road that I would normally take to get from my house to Highway 45 is getting torn up through Jackson (neighbor to Cumbucket, Wisconsin). So my commute there took an hour. One way.

Interview went well, though...t'would be for a back-of-the-house position, helping with the cash and whatnot, working on contracts for banquets, etc. Sounds interesting. And this was actually interview #3 today, with the general manager. I talked yesterday with the woman I'd be working under and the guy in charge of her department for the entire chain of 26 stores. I should hear back from them soon.

OK, time for tv and cigarettes and Tom Clancy novels.

*poings off*

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